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FOR EVERYONE: The Follow Course

The Follow Course is for everyone new to the church or to faith. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to know God and grow in their faith. We invite you to join the next part one of The Follow Course. It’s only four weeks long, a rich learning environment and also a great opportunity to meet other people and some church leaders.

Who is it for? For everyone new to church or to faith.

What is it? The Follow Course is an intentional 3-part journey to help you to grow in faith and knowing God. It is based on Jesus’ life-changing invitation to his disciples to “follow me”. They said yes, and set off on the greatest adventure of their lives, and literally changed the world!

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If you want to know God more intimately and grow more confident in your faith, then The Follow Course is definitely for you. You don’t need to know anything, but do need to want something: more. To want to know God more, and experience a deeper relationship with Him. To live for something greater. To be ready for all God has called you for. If you want that, then join us on this exciting Follow adventure.

The Course is presented in three parts: COME, GROW, and LEAD. Once you have done Follow One you can continue the Follow journey with part two: GROW, and part three: LEAD. All this is designed to help you follow Jesus as his disciple and to grow into all God has called you to. 100’s of others have done The Follow Course, and we are confident that you will not be dissapointed!

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Additional GROW Opportunities

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To manage your finances well

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