Build Healthy Relationships

When it comes to love, and loving well, we all need help! At Every Nation we believe that “To love well is to live well”. To help you in this crucial area we have two key books written by our founding pastor and read all over the world. These relational truths set and shape our culture, and we are confident that they will be a great blessing to you.

The Art of Loving Well Book

This book explores ten powerful ways (“Arts”) by which you can positively change the relational climates around you, whether that be at work, home, church, marriage, family, friendships, neighbours, and even down at the gym. Wherever your relationships are not what they should be or could be, The Art of Loving Well will help you to start seeing the change you long for.

The DateTalk Book

DateTalk is a super helpful and relevant book to help any who is not-yet-married enrich this exciting but often confusing relationship journey. Filled with invaluable wisdom and humour, DateTalk holds nothing back (well, almost nothing) when it comes to love, relationships, dating, and sex. These DateTalk truths have helped thousands of people around the world, and will be a great blessing to you too.

You can buy a copy at any of our church services, or online here.

The DateTalk video series

You can also watch the content in 6 x 30 minute sessions on YouTube here, as filmed and broadcast by TBN in the UK and South Africa.