The Heart of our Giving

Those who make Every Nation their local church contribute to the life and work of the church in many different ways. Whilst the information below relates to financial giving, other pages on this site explain the variety of ways you can get involved and contribute to the mission of Jesus through the church.

We have a big and exciting vision and invite you to consider partnering with us financially to fund this great work to make disciples and a difference on campuses, in communities, in the city and by planting churches all across Europe and the world. We are confident that Every Nation London is a faithful and fruitful storehouse into which you can confidently sow your tithe and offerings to advance the mission of Jesus in our generation.

Areas To Give To

General Tithes and offerings

This is giving to the overall mission of the church


This is when you want your giving to go to a specific project or need. Please indicate

Missions and Church Planting

This is for the mission beyond the
local church


This is for your congregation’s long-term property vision

Ways To Give

Note, we are now operating “cashless” in all environments: From 2021, due to the covid challenges, we will no longer be taking up cash offerings in our services.

We do have card facilities at all our locations for electronic giving, but would highly encourage you to consider one of the following online banking methods of transferring your giving:

Through our online giving portal

Easy, safe and quick. and safe. All you need is a credit/debit card or a paypal account.

For online giving there is a tick box for Gift Aid declaration

Bank Transfer or Standing Order

A very convenient way is to give by standing order and pay directly into our bank account. The details you need are the following:

Institute: Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-83-02
Account: 50394653
Name: Every Nation London


We encourage all UK tax-payer to fill out a gift aid declaration. As a registered charity, Every Nation London is able to reclaim the tax you have paid at the basic rate from contributions made in the UK. This enables us to claim back up to 25 pence in tax from the government for every £1 you donate, at no extra cost to you. Please tick the Gift Aid tick box on our online giving portal. You can read more about Gift Aid on the UK government’s HMRC website.

For Gift Aid declarations please email or fill out an online declaration here (declaration will open in a new window).


We place no obligation on anyone to give financially, and believe that the act of giving is a matter of conscience and conviction between every disciple and God.

We do however believe that regular, generous and faith-filled financial giving to the work of the Lord God through His church is a biblical discipline for all disciples to practice and grow in. We believe that God blesses each one of us to be a blessing. He gives each of us seed to sow, just as He gives bread to eat. We believe Jesus is primarily represented by believers gathered and committed in the local church on the earth today, and that the local church is His house where believers bring their firstfruits or tithes.

Our motivation for giving is first of all obedience to the instruction of Scripture to be faithful stewards of what God gives us, and also very much to see the mission of Jesus advanced through His church.

We do believe in the practice “tithing” (For teaching explaining this, see links below), but also acknowledge that some may have other views on this. Our attitude to this is that every believer should “give as you have decided in our hearts to give” (See 2 Corinthians 9v6-12), but we also very much recognise that our hearts need guiding (by the truth, not our feelings) and guarding (from greed, deception, selfishness, etc) in order that our giving will truly honour God.

Therefore we believe that in situations where one concludes that the practice of tithing is “Old Covenant,” that any new covenant conclusion and application would only guide the heart to surpass and be “more than” what the Old Covenant instructed, because that is the nature of the New Covenant.

We believe this promise for the faithful and generous giver:

“And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.”

2 Corinthians 9:8

To find out more about our beliefs and teaching on financial giving, have a look at the following resources:


We are a Registered Charity, and have a Finance Board and legally appointed directors who are responsible for overseeing all financial affairs of the church, including the annual budget, the accounting practices and policies, salary decisions, the annual full audit and the report to the Charities Commissioner. Our central finance staff are responsible for the financial administration and reporting to the Board, and department heads in all congregations are responsible for using the finances allocated as agreed in our budgets.

Our current Finance Board consists of the following members:

    • Paul Howell, Chairperson (Director)
    • Alex Lugt (Director)
    • Waldi Schoonraad (Director)
    • Wolfgang Eckleben (Director)
    • Annelize Schoonraad
    • Matt White
    • Dave Daniel
    • Terry-Lin Sheppard is contracted to complete all management and audit reporting

    Each year each individual congregation presents a financial report of their finances in a meeting open to all involved, with an opportunity for members to see how the money is being spent and to ask any questions.

    Please contact our finance director on should you have any specific questions relating to the church finances.

    Every Nation London Office
    9 Beaumont Avenue
    W14 9LP
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